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REGULATION OF THE SWEEPSTAKE 'Win an iPhone 6 with Sigma 4' 

  REGULATION OF THE SWEEPSTAKE "Win an iPhone 6 with Sigma 4"

1. Sweepstake promoted by:
Promoting Company: Sigma 4 S.p.a.
Address: Via Madrara, 2/1
Town: 48026 Russi (RA)
Country: Italy
VAT Number: IT 00356020404

2. Denomination:
"Win an iPhone 6 with Sigma 4"

3. Territory:
Entire national (Italian) and international territory.

4. Promoted Products:

5. Beneficiaries:
Visitors of the Promoting Company's booth at the International Exhibition EIMA 2014 belonging to one of the following categories:
  • Farmers
  • Agricultural contractors
  • Workers at agricultural machinery dealers and workshops.
  • Agronomy university students and students of high-schools with agricultural specialization

6. Exclusions:
Participation to the sweepstake is excluded for: youth under the age of 18, employees of the Promoting Company or of companies owned by the latter, relatives of the employees up to second-degree relatives and all those who do not match the prerogatives as per point 5. of the present regulation.

7. Duration:
The sweepstake shall last from November 12th until November 30th 2014.

8. Pre-conditions and sweepstake unrolling:
In order to participate to the prize draw it is necessary that the participant – who meets all conditions as per points 5. and 6. of the present regulation:
1. Visits the Promoting Company's booth during the International Exhibition EIMA 2014 (Nov. 12-16, 2014)
2. Fills a short profiling questionnaire
3. Gives her/his consent to receive at least one company newsletter
4. Gives her/his consent to the treatment of her/his personal data according to current regulations
5. Clicks on the button “Like” on the Facebook page of the Promoting Company ( ) within the closing date of November 30th 2014
Notice: the “Like” clicks received prior to Nov.12th 2014 will also be considered as valid

By January 31st 2015 there will be the drawing of an iPhone 6 among all participants who have gone through above procedure, and the winner will be invited to withdraw her/his prize at the headquarters of the Promoting Company.
Alternatively the prize will be shipped by the Promoting Company.

9. Prizes:
N. 1 cellular phone Apple iPhone 6 16GB.

10. Details about prize assignment:
The prize will not be exchangeable with money.

The winner will be informed of her/his win via telephone, via email and with a Facebook message. She/he will receive all the information needed for the assignment of the prize, and she/he will have 15 days' time to confirm her/his willingness to accept it, by transmitting a copy of an ID where her/his data (name, surname, birth date) must totally correspond to the data used to take part into the sweepstake, together with a documentation proving that she/he indeed meets all the requirements as per point no. 5 of the present regulation.
In case there was no answer within the given period, or in case she/he would not or could not withdraw/take the prize, a new extraction will take place.

11. Total prize value:
The commercial value of the prize is: € 602 (without VAT). The commercial value indicated refers to the value at the date when present regulation was drawn and it is a retail value.

12. It should be noted that:
a) The promotion is in no way sponsored, supported or managed by Facebook, nor it is associated with Facebook.

b) The participation to the sweepstake implies for the participant the unconditional and total acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in the present regulation with no limitations as well as the acceptance of the policy of the use of the application Facebook, utilized to enable the participation to the sweepstake.

c) Participation to the sweepstake is free of charge.
d) Mistakes or malfunctioning related to the Facebook platform are not the responsibility of the promoters and administrators of the sweepstake.

e) The server containing the data relevant to the sweepstake unrolling resides in Italy.

f) The participants who, according to the sole judgement of the Promoting Company or of third parties indicated by the latter, take part into the sweepstake with means which could elude the randomness or which are considered as to be dubious, fraudulent or violating the normal unrolling of the programme, will be excluded from the sweepstake and will not be allowed to benefit of the prize should they have won. The Promoting Company or the third parties indicated by the latter thus reserve the right to act towards all the participants in the most appropriate way and in compliance with the applicable laws.

g) The Promoting Company does not take responsibility if documentation requested to certify identity/qualification of the winner is not received due to miscarriages independent from the Promoting Company.

h) In case that the documentation received was incomplete, unreadable, and/or counterfeit or it showed incomprehensible, incomplete and/or clearly untruthful data, this shall not be judged as valid to confirm the assignment of the prize.

i) The Promoting Company does not take responsibility if the notification of the win cannot be performed due to the wrong communication of personal data and of contact details supplied by the winner.

l) The participants to the sweepstake engage themselves, by accepting the present regulation, not to use the programme to spread any kind of material which could be deceitful and/or insulting, abusive, counterfeit, incorrect, coarse, obnoxious, troublesome, obscene, offensive of religious believes, with sexual implications, threatening, invasive of one's privacy and non compliant to the applicable laws. Above mentioned material will be subject to the sole judgement of the Promoting Company which, in case above criteria are considered as non respected, reserves the right to exclude a participant to the prize draw.

m) Sigma 4 S.p.a., having its registered office in Via Madrara 2/1, 48026 Russi (RA) Italy, as holder and administrator of the processing of the data and Promoting Company of the sweepstake “"Win an iPhone 6 with Sigma 4", informs that the personal data of the participants, supplied with the dedicated form, will be only used for the sweepstake finality. In connection with the participation to the sweepstake “"Win an iPhone 6 with Sigma 4", the treatment of the personal data can occur on paper form and with computerized systems. Failing to provide one participant's personal data will impede to Sigma 4 to meet its obligations with reference to the prize draw and/or to treat one's data for the other purposes described above. In accordance to the Italian national law (Art. 7 del D.Lgs 196/2003), the participant has the right to object (partially or totally) to the treatment of her/his personal data for legitimate reasons, and to ask for its modification, update or cancellation. Participants can exercise above rights at any time by contacting the administrators of the treatment of the personal data at following address: Sigma 4 S.p.a., Via Madrara 2/1, 48026 Russi (RA), Italy.

n) The contents of the promotion is communicated through the following means:;
Advertisements on specialized press.

o) The complete regulation of the sweepstake is available for all participants on the website